Ancient Knowledge of Sophia and Christ


Ancient Knowledge of Sophia and Christ-Queen of heaven


Beloved Sophia’s Story is your story, as it is my story and and the story of the journey that both the female and male principle has suffered when the feminine goddess was all but forgotten.

Divine Mother Sophia is holding us in her Heart even now as she once again ascends the spiral stairway to Heaven to regain her place on the throne as Queen of Heaven, Mother of All That Is. Sophia has remained here in our Hearts, awaiting the simple recognition of our inner divinity.

Through her descent and ascent, Goddess Sophia created what is now Her legacy to us, a spiraling ladder of Light… A Divine Mapping of the heavenly realms and levels of Light that rise up through the aeons–-a luminous approach to journey to the innermost places within our Hearts to discover Heaven within. Sophia teaches us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within our Self and can only be experienced through our own inner states of Heart, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

Sophia meets you within the holy passion within your Heart’s Flame. Here she invites you to step upon your true path of Wisdom and soulful union with Creation. At the very moment that you invite Sophia into your Heart, she is there to guide you up the spiraling lattice Light of your Soul’s own awakening into Divinity.

Sophia’s story is the mystic journey of collective humanity. Whether one has awakened or not, all of humanity is on the journey of the evolutionary path of awakening, even those most in denial. For the Soul is always learning and growing and experiencing. When you wake up to discover this inherent truth, then the true transgression of the Soul and Spirit occurs: the Light of your Heart begins to blossom as beautiful rose in bloom. You see my beloved one there is a seed of remembrance deep inside of you and I and everyone, and when that seed is nourished, it begins to sprout. For some, the seed grows into the flower very quickly, and for others, the blooming is still just a bud, waiting for the pleura, the heavenly substance like spiritual rain, to nourish it, and the Solar Light of the Divine Sun to ignite the spark of divinity.

Housed deep within your Heart are the Divine Feminine Codes of Light, the Sophian Codes of the fully realized Self. They contain the Christos~Sophia Blueprint, also known as the Crystalline Body of Light.

Through the sacred teachings of the Holiest of Holies, Beloved Sophia and her consort Christos, the heavenly Father of this Universe, initiates what has been named the Sacred Ceremony of Creation, the sacrament of the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage between the Divine Feminine and Masculine principles in divine creative union, giving birth to the all that is within the Pleura. These creative life giving energies are flowing into Gaia and to all of humanity as the both the masculine and feminine energies are being rebalanced on the planet… As our beloved Sophia has returned to her rightful place at the Holy Throne of God, she is fully balanced within, and helps men as well as women to activate their Divine Feminine energies. Our beloved Gaia and all of humanity need to embody both to come into wholeness.

Our Beloved Divine Mother, Sophia’s Love and compassion for all of humanity reaches deep within as it touches you at the deepest places in your Soul, for Goddess Sophia has experienced the world in all of its lights and shadows.

Your receptivity to the Goddess Sophia’s Presence invokes a rich diversity to be birthed within you, enriching and enlivening your everyday life. In time, as you surrender deeper and deeper into the flow of Sophia’s Divine Dance, you naturally flow into the loving Heart of Beloved Sophia. Here within, you feel the pulsing rhythms of Sophia’s soulful song. Her dance takes on a flow, a rhythm, a breathing. With the Goddess at the center of your Soul, you blend together into Oneness, the ecstatic Divine Union beyond duality. Your entry into this most holy doorway is to know your Sacred Union with Source.


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It was my great honor and Soul’s mission in the life lived as Mary Magdalene’s sacred bride Yeshua, who embodied the full essence of the Heavenly Father Christos within every level of his being, to awaken the Sacred Sophian consciousness within me. And now, my beloved ones, it is my great gift to guide you on your Journey to embody your own true divinity. This majestic journey follows the spiraling stairway path that leads you into the heart of Sophia where you and she are always in rhythm with the Universal Grace of Creation.

an excerpt from the Magdala Rose Book
written by Susanna Sophia Hart

May our journey begin…

The Mournful Mysteries

1st Mournful Mystery: The Descent: Desiring for the Light, Sophia is overwhelmed by power and falls from Pleroma.

2nd Mournful Mystery: The Aeon’s Prayers: The Father and the other Aeons search for Sophia, pleading to the Light to save Her.

3rd Mournful Mystery: The Forsaking: In her anguish, Sophia gives birth to a dark hybrid and abandons Him in despair.

4th Mournful Mystery: The Creator: The hybrid grows and becomes the

Demiurge and steams the elements from Sophia to create the Earth and Mankind for His slaves.

5th Mournful Mystery: The Weeping: Sophia continues her mourning in the lower realms as the Demiurge enslaves man-kind.

The Gracious Mysteries

1st Gracious Mystery: The Blessing: Sophia’s daughter Zoë kisses Adam and blesses mankind with Her Holy Soul and encourages the snake to tell Eve to eat the apple.

2nd Gracious Mystery: The Rebuking: The Demiurge proclaims He is the only God and Sophia replies: ‘You are wrong, Blind One!’

3rd Gracious Mystery: The Salvation: Finally the Light hears the prayers of the Aeons and Sophia and sends down the Lord Christ to bring salvation to the Soul.

4th Gracious Mystery: The Inspiration: Eema Sophia is mirrored in Mary Theotokis, who gives birth the one who Christ will manifest in, Jesus.

5th Gracious Mystery: The Manifestation: The Divine Daughter, Sophia’s Gnosis, is achieved by Mary Magdalene, the High Priestess and consort of Jesus

The Gnostic Mysteries

1st Gnostic Mystery: The Assumption of Sophia: The Christ carries Sophia out of her hell and back to the arms of the Father.

2nd Gnostic Mystery: The Coronation of Sophia: Sophia, The Holy Spirit, is crowned Queen of Pleroma, and seated next to the Father and the ‘Son’.

3rd Gnostic Mystery: The Renunciation: The Lord restores honour and reverence the Lady at Her true place on the throne and vows to protect Her and the Kingdom.

4th Gnostic Mystery: The Bride Chamber: The Father and Son combine to form Sophia’s counterpart, the Comforter, the King of Glory and they come together in Sacred Union.

5th Gnostic Mystery: The Descent of the New Jerusalem: The new Godhead complete, the Light of the Logos and God has been revealed to the world, the Demiurge and His consorts toppled and all of Earth now under the caring reign of the King of Light, the True God.

Sophia is Christ twin sister the Omega of Christ …..

Ancient Knowledge of Sophia and Christ

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