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From the Publisher:

Welcome to the first issue of Advanced Archaeology Review.

I will begin by explaining why “Advanced” Archaeology, I have
chosen the word ‘advanced’ in place of the negative terms for
open-minded research such as ‘alternative’ ‘maverick’ ‘rogue’ etc.
Are not new theories, evidence, research, etc. leaning more
toward advanced vs just alternative?

With that being said, I hope the reader will enjoy the many
articles, book excerpts, and information contained in each issue of
Advanced Archaeology Review. Unlike most of the other
publications in the ancient mysteries arena, AAR will be focused
primarily on research and archaeology of ancient cultures, sites,
etc. We will do our best to publish material from some of the
finest advanced archaeologists, researchers, authors, explorers
and documentarians available as well as to try to keep up with
current advanced archaeology going on around the world.

We will not be employing staff to keep up on current archaeology
events and instead we are appointing the readers of this magazine
to that purpose; to submit articles, pictures, etc. on new
discoveries happening around the Earth. In this way YOU the
reader will be directly involved in advanced archaeology news and

This issue features a piece on “Nan Madol” in Pohnpei,
Micronesia by researcher Alistair Coombs, unquestionably one of
the most mysterious ancient sites on Earth. Alistair was there in
2015 and made some comparisons between Nan Madol and
Gunung Padang in Java, Indonesia where I was as well. I hope
you enjoy this magazine. Please let us know what you think. Enjoy
the Ride!

Indiana Bruce
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Advanced Archaeology Review June 2016


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