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konark temple

KONARK Sun Temple

KONARK Sun Temple KONARK the sun temple located in odisha, India. Constructed by 1200 workers on the order of King Langula-Narasimha-deva. Finished by a boy named Dhammapada”     The temple was originally built...

Genetic History of Ice Age Europe

Genetic History Ice Age Europe

Genetic Genetic Analyses of ancient DNA from prehistoric humans paint a picture of dramatic population change in Europe from 45,000 to 7,000 years ago, according to a new study led by Howard Hughes Medical...


Ötzi Ice Man Treacherous Murder

Ötzi Ice Man A Complete Forensic Analysis…. The copper used to make Ötzi’s axe blade did not come from the Alpine region as had previously been supposed, but from ore mined in southern Tuscany....


The Gruesome Gough’s Cave….

The Gruesome Gough’s Cave Survival By Cannibalism…. In 2010 Scientists identified the first humans to recolonise Britain after the last ice age. The country was taken over in a couple of years by individuals...

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