Category: Spying

The Eye of the Hidden Cabal

. This article was previously published on July 8, 2018, at It is published here with the cooperation of . . . . THE ILLUMINATI . .     . *******

They are Everywhere and Nowhere!

Joseph Farrell’s Hidden Empire Trilogy . By: . Steve Erdmann . This article was also published on July 17, 2017,  with copyright at Small quotes are permitted by reviewers and Journalists. . This site...

True Character of Phony “Capitalistic Democracy”!

Steve Erdmann, Investigative Journalist . Not for the squeamish or those who disallow more than one opinion, The Dissenter/Disinter wants to give some deeper insight into what this ′alleged’ so-called ″Capitalistic – Democracy” is (Republic—whatever),  in  no-holds-barred YouTube expose’s...

The Control of the Global Hidden Elite! . . The World of Targeted Mind Control . .  THE DEVIL INSIDE YOU There on the edge of a lonely abyss When the monster in your head Leaves you shaking in your...

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