Demoralized Civilization - Elephant In The Room - Their Normality

Have You Had Enough Of The Control System?

Demoralized Civilization


Lets talk about the elephant in the room that’s looking at us and everyone is ignoring it and that’s rude. The fact of the matter is that we have been beaten to a pulp mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually head to toe if we had a body as a human civilization. We have been demoralized by the elite into submission to be their slave.

Job well done to the elite we are so well programmed we don’t even realize it and when confronted with such a notion we automatically lean on the conspiracy crutch whaling at the op of our lungs it’s a conspiracy, it’s a conspiracy when no other rational thought comes to mind when simple programming will suffice. Another well deserved  pat on the back for the elite. We have been fed so much shyte by mainstream media like BBC, CNN, CBS, FOX, Al Jazeera, Reuters, NBC, CBC etc  we don’t know whats what anymore, is it fake news or is it real? Confusion divide and conquer.

When you have been told over and over and over that you evolved from a prime mate subliminal message you are a Monkey that you use 10% of your brain if your lucky subliminal message your retarded 97% of your DNA is junk subliminal message your garbage and you were created to be a slave to serve a master who you must obey or you will be severally punished.


Portrait of common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), studio shot — Image by © RF Pictures/Corbis

This is tactical and served with precision to detach you from your humanity to make you automated so you can be easily controlled. Like a drone carrying out tasks as programmed. This is the reason why they glorify violence through Movies, Video Games and turning women into a sex objects through music videos, magazines, fashion shows etc all designed to detach you from your humanity, compassion, love, empathy and free will. Divide and conquer.


This is the reason why so many people feel hopelessness and depression in their lives where they know they are not in control of their own destiny and human experience and feel they are powerless to change their reality. The daily monotone routine, buried in debt, constant emotional stress is all created to break you. To understand this is the first step towards self salvation, self preservation and freedom.

Religions, politics, sports teams etc are control mechanisms to make you believe in something, anything passionately so your mind can than be easily controlled and manipulated to support any policy our handlers deem necessary.[/ctt]


The goal is to keep you distracted if not by work or family commitments than its Social media, smart phones, TV, Internet, sports teams are all created to divert your attention from things that matter. As long as people have their snot boxes stuck in their smart phones and the cube sitting in the corner of the room watching Hockey, Football, Golf, playing video games etc the elites goal has been accomplished and you are not asking any questions.


No questions = no information, no information leads to an ill informed society which is left at the mercy of its leaders and that is the order of the day while they are lining their silk pockets you are left holding the bag because they are here today and gone tomorrow. We accept the consequences without any obstruction and any explanation just like a beaten dog who piddles at the sight of its abuser.


We have been browbeaten like a red headed step child by the so called big brother, emotionally, financially and spiritually lashed and beaten without mercy than discarded like a piece of trash.

It seems like we are a beaten civilization war, famine, disease and corruption at every level using us as their personal punching bag with no light in sight.



FEMA Prison Camps Surrender for Survival

When Enough is Enough

They elite have hijacked our collective human experience for their personal gain and turned our beautiful mother earth into a prison planet, a world where they are going unchecked.

So what are you going to do about it ?

The first thing is to get off of our knees, you are not a slave you don’t evolve from a monkey, you use 100% of your brain, your DNA is not junk. You are all light, all possibility, you are everything that there was, ever is or ever will be.

Rise up like the majestic Lions which you are and roar so the world will hear you and can not ignore you any longer.

Words of the wise

“The glitch the inconvenient the divergent the string of junk code the stubborn Apple that falls no where near the tree or the forest be the fool, the bonehead, the idiot in the room, let them shake their group think heads, that you let them be ashamed of you, embarrassed of you, pissed off at you, they will call you names and you must let them, let them cheer, let them point, let them laugh be resistant to their mockery be the fodder for their jokes be a magnificent failure in their eyes, a tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, go ahead be the scar tissue of their world view, their normality, they will loathe you, they will fear you, they’ll wish they were you”.

David Icke

Rise up brothers and sisters the time is now


Independent Researcher.