Emily E .Windsor-Cragg Equinox presentation march 20th 2018

Omar’s webinar covering 5th dimensional meta-physics was a great success.  And to bring it down to earth in a physical way, we talked about how the human body is affected by food–

“You are what you eat,” speaks to physical Nutrition the way “You are what you think” speaks to  Spiritual placement in the Ether, the Physical and the Underworld.

Food has a chemical role in the body just as it has a social role in relationships, and “one man’s meat is another man’s poison,” is not wrong.  Human metabolism is not All One; there are variations, and it’s helpful to know which variation a given individual human experiences.

Emily E Windsor Cragg Equinox presentation march 20th 2018 cookbook

By the Grace of Good Live Long Enough to Endure it ALL: Nourishing Ourselves to Live on and IMPROVE BODILY HEALTH

There are Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore and Carnivore variations of human metabolism, and knowing what your body does with food is a good idea if you want to feel good.  So I shared my Metabolic Type Test out of my book, https://www.amazon.com/dp/1974332829/ … By the Grace of Good  Endure it ALL: NUTRITION EDUCATION to Live by

We talked mostly about proteins because oily proteins, prepared foods and fast food have become rather risky food products to purchase and consume.  We talked about balancing ACID WITH BASE elements in our diets—at the dinnertable or out on the town.

We talked about combining food elements together to facilitate and help digestion so stomaches are a thing of the past..

Our session was not about Scientific Nutrition; it was about Phenomenological Nutrition:  HOW DOES THAT BITE FEEL?  And “What does [this food] do to you?”  because naming nutrients and drawing a food “pyramid” doesn’t help us at all, to know what to select for dinner.

Respectfully submitted,  Emily Windsor-Cragg


Independent Researcher.

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