By Michael Feeley

Next year, 2019, is a special year for me as it marks my 10th anniversary of personal paranormal and supernatural experiences and the commencement of my esoteric research that caused me to leave my police career after 17 years’ service.  The world that I saw then is not the world that I see now, for me it can never be the same again, too much water has passed beneath the multi-dimensional bridge.

When you begin to speak the language of the initiates, the selected receivers of sacred knowledge, the world naturally changes and opens up before your very eyes.  You see things through a spiritual sight.  You unwittingly become the center cross between the two thieves, the two thieves being your physical eyes that are the power of perception itself.  You become the Christ between the good and bad thief, you become an enlightened one.

Our world has many spoken verbal languages that we usually recognize but what is not known is that below the surface there is a subterranean language of symbols and codes and metaphors, missed by most people, that is spoken by what are deemed as the elites.  The elites belong to a small and secret group who believe that Prometheus stole the fire of the Gods, fire being knowledge and wisdom, and gave it to the rulers of Earth and that this knowledge was meant to be concealed and retained by them and was most definitely not for the general population who were not worthy of such sanctity.


(Prometheus at the Rockefeller center, New York)

Such wisdom as sacred geometry, which is a special science, was taught under the veil of secrecy by the likes of Plato at his academy of chosen students.  Geometry formed part of early Christianity through the Gnostics but was later ceased under the crime of heresy. Metaphors were then used as a means of concealing knowledge and also a means that initiates would use to interpret such hidden wisdom amongest themselves.  Knowledge remains hidden even in the modern day and allegories have been used as a clandestine tool, in all of the years that have since passed the Modus Operandi, Latin for method, has not changed.

For this article I am going to discuss Christmas, which is relevant as we are now rapidly approaching this celebrated event. I will discuss both the astronomy of this festive season and also the bodily aspect of the event, as both are counterparts in an ‘as above so below’ marriage.

So let us begin with a little astronomy before I go into detail about the bodily aspect of Christmas.

The stars and constellations represent the ascended version of Biblical characters once these characters have left the physical material world, which will be dealt with in a little while.  The Zodiac, the wheel of Gad, later translated to the will of God, is a celestial narrative. But Biblical characters are really just metaphors and never really existed as individual people.

The date of 25th December, Christmas day in most parts of the world, is purely astronomical and was chosen for this very reason. On 22nd, 23rd and 24th December each year the Sun remains in the same degree of sky and doesn’t move, it is therefore dead for 3 days. On 25th December each year the Sun moves 1 degree north to continue its annual transit through the Zodiac, the Sun is therefore born on December 25th.   The heavenly Jesus is the solar sun and the 12 heavenly disciples are the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the circle of life.

So let’s go back to the nativity story.  Mary and Joseph traveled on a donkey and found a stable in which to give birth to the King, Jesus Christ.  Later on the story tells us that 3 wise men followed the star of Bethlehem and located the King giving him gifts.  The famous nativity story acted out by children across the globe is really written in the stars and was not a real event.

The 3 wise men are the 3 stars of the belt of Orion, known as the 3 Kings and the star of Bethlehem is really Sirius ‘A’. On 24th December the belt of Orion and Sirius ‘A’ align and mark the exact location in the sky that the Sun will rise on 25th December.  The constellation of Cancer also plays a part in this nativity story.  Within the constellation of Cancer we have a cluster of stars called the ‘Manger’ and we also have Asellus borealis, the Northern Donkey and Asellus Australis, the Southern Donkey.

So in one region of the sky above us we have the star of Bethlehem, the 3 wise men, the Manger and the donkey and with the solar sun we also have the heavenly Christ.


I will now deal with the Earthly aspect of this event and take you into the human body. Just who or what was the Earthly Christ?

Having already stated that biblical characters are not real and that biblical stories are an allegory it may not surprise you to know that the real identity of Christ involves male fertility, genetics and inner illumination, namely enlightened consciousness. Jesus is not a real person and Catholic Pope’s have publicly told us this fact!

“It has served us well, this myth of Christ” – Pope Leo X

“Jesus is metaphorical, not literal” – Pope Francis (current Pope – stated in 2017)

But this seems to have gone unnoticed. The higher levels of the Church know the real truth and yet they deliberately distract their followers away from it, denying them their rightful inheritance, namely knowledge.


Following the birth of Christ in a stable, which is a metaphor for spiritual stability and the foundation for the Inner Christ, as a result of the Inn being full, a metaphor for a mind that is full, we see Christ  starting his father’s work aged 12.  Age 12 in males is the age of puberty and this is extremely relevant as you will soon see.  Jesus was the only begotten son which is really referring to the Monogene, meaning only one.  Jesus is male sperm and it takes only one sperm to fertilise the egg, the sperm and the ovum are the fishes of the waters, the holy waters of the body. This is why we have the fish as the symbol of Christianity. The word savior means ‘he who sows the seed’ and sperm means seed, it is our own Christos seed, the anointed one, oiled/anointed by seminal fluids.

Jesus was famously baptised aged 30 by John the Baptist in the River Jordan for which John was decapitated and lost his head. The losing of the head is again sperm losing its head as it detaches from its tail during fertility. The number 30 relates to forces of spiritual enlightenment and is a connection to the supreme power.  Jesus was also known as Yeshua which means salvation and we get the word salvation from the word salt, it is the salt of the spinal fluid which is the river Jordan within the body, Jordan means to flow downwards/descend.

So now for the story itself. In medical astrology certain stars/constellations align with certain parts of the body.  Virgo which in Latin means Virgin is aligned with our solar plexus, known as Bethlehem.

This is the virgin/virgo birth in Bethlehem.

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Within the solar plexus there exists a small thimble sized depression called the ‘Manger’, this is the Manger within Bethlehem that houses our Christos seed.  When you go back to ancient Egypt and the Hathor’s they stated that the sexual energy birthed in the solar plexus becomes the primal force for the ascent of consciousness. In other words through sexual sublimation, the retention of sexual energy, also known as celibacy, we can naturally ascend our Christ seed. Sperm not ejaculated during intercourse enhances the energy to be used in the raising of our consciousness.

This Christ seed then gets transited through the body and into the Optic Chiasm (chamber of light) named by the Greeks as ‘The Cross’.  Once at the cross the Christ seed is crucified and crucified also means to subdue ones appetite, in this case sexual appetite.  The Christ seed then finds itself in the tomb (cerebellum of the Brain) for 3 days.  It takes the sub-conscious mind 3 days to cleanse in order to ascend.  All of this is of course occurring in Golgotha, the place of skulls, which is really the human skull; it is happening within our own heads, our own temple.


So Jesus dies aged 33 in the year 33 AD, which is really a numerological power number. 33 hertz is the frequency of Christ Consciousness, a higher level of God-state awareness.  33 is also the numerical equivalent of the word ‘Amen’ the number of turns of a completed DNA sequence, the number of vertebras of the human spine leading to Golgotha, it is our DNA blueprint written in geometry, with 33 circuits, that will activate the dormant DNA or our original blueprint, it is the hertz frequency that synchronizes sacred geometry and it is a master number associated with an awakened awareness.  There are also 33 degrees of freemasonry. This is why the number 33 was chosen as part of this story, it is a sacred power number.

The Christ is then resurrected and resurrection also means to use again which is the 10% of sexual energy retained by the cells of the body, or as we also know it, tithing. It is the ‘Rapture’ of Christ and rapture also means ‘Transition’. The awakening of the Christ seed is that transition, from normal consciousness to a Christ consciousness.

The scene at the table of the last supper is symbolic of Jesus with the 12 cranial nerves of the brain (12 Earthly disciples) and the word Mensa means both mind and table.

The miracles of Christ, which I won’t go into in this article also has reference to consciousness.

The initiates are telling us in other ways too and another example of this is the number 153, which not only has relevance to Christ but also the Great pyramid of Egypt.

After the resurrection of Christ he assisted his disciples to catch fish, in fact exactly 153 fish. So what is the relevance of this number?

153 is the number of sacred knowledge and the master initiate, the master of the ‘Net’ which is the geometric ‘Flower of Life’.  It is also the ratio of the inner section of the vesica Pisces, the Jesus fish, which is also the Yoni, the vessel of God, the Holy Grail, the womb. This now brings into the equation Mary Magdalene, the amygdala of the brain that is almond shaped. Within the Vesica Pisces we have the Mandorla which means ‘Almond’, it is the union called ‘Christosophia, the wisdom of Christ’, Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


Inner section showing heart = a ratio of 153

In addition to this when we translate Mary Magdalene into Greek it has a numerical value of, you guessed it, 153. Mary Magdalene was known as the Illuminator and 153 also gives us the number 9, the number of divine completeness and spiritual enlightenment, by this simple mathematical formula, 1+5+3 =9.

I could have continued for quite some considerable time giving example after example of the codes that I have deciphered but in a nutshell Jesus Christ is all of us, he is our own inner illumination and consciousness.  Matter is condensed light and matter gives us the word mater which is mother. Mother Mary is the mother of light and that light is our inner Christ.

I could have also gone deep into the true meaning of Santa Claus, but again that story is one of the creation of consciousness by the Holy Colostrum that resides at the top of the skull, the north pole. I will however leave that for another Christmas time.

In essence Christmas is not what the majority of Earth’s population believe it to be, it is something much more special…it is about ourselves!

Thank you for your time in reading this brief true meaning of Christmas and Christ himself and I hope that it has been of some assistance to you.

Best regards

Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley is a WatchersTalk guest writer and author of The Real Identity Of Christ – Secrets Of The Codex Vaticanus 

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