Magik-Magik is Language

Magik is Language

Thoth is thought, Set is the light set-ting, look up to the stars, you are all light, light beings trapped in the material realm, birthed by the womb (womb-man_ of the mother (matter) Earth (heart). Get to the “heart” of the “matter” and see the truth! That you are under the rule of the gover-ment (ment from lating meaning mental “of mind”, governed by the mind! Wake up and see beyond the web of words (the words/worlds you weave like a web). Spell check (check the spells) the wor”l”ds you “whirl”. Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive! Get out of the matrix (mind crossing)! Wake up! Babel is when we fell from grace and got lost in our wor”l”ds! Our languages!! Divided up!

Magic and language are inseparable. The fact that words and sounds produce meaning and conjure images in our minds is in itself an act of magic. Our language is ridden with puns that speak to the trans formative property of words…when we spell a word, we are literally casting a spell to evoke meaning. There is undoubtedly power in the ability to name and identify something properly.


The Cosmic Thinker


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