By Valery Uvarov


Everything that made Egypt great was once received from the hands of the gods (the Neferu). The importance of the knowledge received from the Neferu, permeating every aspect of life, was so great that all subsequent civilizations and generations recognized and acknowledged the validity only of what had its origin with the Neferu (was given by them), what was explained by or connected with the “First Time”, the time of the Neferu. And so, ancient wisdom said:

… “Beware of those whose doings are not rooted in ancient times, for all they bring is lies, sham and destruction …”

Sublimity and sincerity of intention is the determining energy catalyst that sets in motion the processes leading to transformation and ascension. Carefully veiled lies and deception invest any process with a negative charge and will always lead to decline and destruction. For this very reason, the pyramids of Egypt were not built by slaves.

Under no circumstances, the initiates of antiquity would have allowed people with dishonest intentions and negative thoughts or who are in a negative psycho-emotional state to participate in the construction of pyramids and temples, because everything they touch would then become a carrier of negative vibrations (energy).

Pyramids or temples built by people with impure intent would at best not work at all and at worst would charge people with negative energy and inflict colossal damage on their surroundings and the ecology of the energy field of consciousness (the Noosphere).


Before we take a look at the technology and mechanism of a contamination with negative vibrations we have to answer the main question – why at all make use of negative energy?

Fact is that this type of energy allows you to effectively control the behavior of people.

The Maya and Aztec priests, as well as some Tibetan and Egyptian cults, used this type of energy to influence the will and consciousness of people in their pursuit to establish contact with the “gods” and to maintain their cults.



Negative energies (vibrations) are one of the most powerful types of psi-energy.

The idea of utilizing this kind of energy has come to mind to the priests of those cultures and civilizations where the knowledge of how to properly build pyramids to communicate with the gods based on the “doctrine of the unity of the structure of the Human Being, the Earth and the Universe” was completely lost and had been replaced by religious cult.

Of the thousands of pyramids that have survived to some extent, at best some embody within themselves knowledge and cult in a 50%-50% ratio, where the geometry and key parameters of the structure that determine the tuning and effectiveness of the pyramid are superimposed on the correct selection of the site of its construction. In all other cases, the model of the mechanism of wave and resonant processes, which should be expressed in strictly defined linear values of the structure parameters, is reflected in the form of a system, tied to numerology and simple integer values, replacing Golden Section and dynamic geometry.

As a result of the loss of knowledge and conscious substitution of concepts and principles the pyramids built by the priests did not give the desired energy outcome. Communication with the gods did not occur.

Sufficiently qualified to assess the energy properties of the Maya and Aztec pyramids, this important conclusion results: they do not work and did not work from the start because the knowledge of how to choose the right place and how to build pyramids properly had long before been lost.

With few exceptions, the paving stone-stacked pyramids of the Maya and Aztecs were bizarre structures that did not give the priests the slightest chance to communicate with the gods… This was a huge problem that had to be resolved in some way, since the reputation of the cult, the welfare of the priests and even their lives depended on it.

To “switch-on” the pyramid, a powerful energy boost was needed. A source and mediator of such an impulse is the human being. If a pyramid is not built correctly and does not generate energy resonating with natural energy sources, there is only one way out – to turn it into an energy accumulator. For this, the pyramids and the surrounding temples were painted red. Why red?


maya pyramids
mayan king
mayan step pyramids
mayan art
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The wavelength of red light (color) is the largest, so it has maximum effect.

Red enclosed space accumulates psi-energy very well. Having lost their knowledge of the rules of how to build pyramids, the Maya and Aztec priests from the onset planned and built their pyramids as psi-accumulators. But for a battery, you need a “charger”.

How to create such a “charger” – a generator of psi-energy and “make” the pyramid work?

For this you need a living being, whom you need to force into emotions and put in great fear. The greater the threat, the stronger the neuro-emotional release, and the stronger and lower-frequency the vibration, the longer the energy of this impulse will persist (be stored) in the aura of the place of release.

Within the psi-energy spectrum fear of death gives the most powerful and strongest impulse. This type of energy is extremely negative, but very strong, and, most importantly, available. No knowledge is required, no need to create anything. All you have to do is get hold a living creature, start to torment it and kill it in agony. This was the path chosen by the priests – at the Maya and Aztec pyramids mass sacrificing was started to create and accumulate powerful streams of negative psi-energies.

At first, animals were sacrificed, but this did not give the desired effect, so, as a sacrifice worthy for the gods (so that they would respond to the call of the priests) they started using human beings (created in the image and likeness). They killed thousands and thousands. Blood flowed like a river.

At a certain point in the sacrificial ritual, the priests cut open the chest of a specially selected victim with an obsidian knife, pulled out the still throbbing heart and put it in a large blood-filled bowl. The bowl was placed on a special pedestal (sacrificial table) in the center of the upper altar chamber of the pyramid. Then the priests proceeded to the perimeter of the upper platform of the pyramid and the mass sacrifice began. The energies of fear and the emotions of the crowd began to rise up the steps of the pyramid. Sensing these vibrations, the priests, who were facing the crowd, their backs to the bowl, began to swing their arms like oars, directing the rising energy towards the blood-filled bowl.

When the energy field reached a certain density, the priests approached the bowl and started drinking the with fear energy charged blood, causing a trance effect. The priests entered a kind of altered state of consciousness, stood on the perimeter of the upper pyramid platform and began to control the energy flow, directing it toward the vessel and toward the crowd at the foot of the pyramid.

The crowd was fired up literally, demanding more and more blood. Ripping off the skin of the victims’ bodies thrown down from the pyramid, and putting it on themselves, people ran around the area with wild cries, causing even more horror to those around them. It was almost all-encompassing fear and madness.

The appearance of the Spanish conquistadors has halted the development of a very negative scenario for the Earth’s “Noosphere”. Had this dark side of power further evolved and strengthened, earthly civilization would have seamlessly morphed into a bloodthirsty Mordor, with all the ensuing consequences…


The technology renaissance at the beginning of the last century was associated with the coming to power of the Nazis and gaining access to knowledge about the possibilities of psi-energies, obtained as a result of the Tibetan expeditions of the Ahnenerbe.

The appearance of concentration camps during the Second World War and the massacres there were not just genocide of racist or other nature. The death machine was switched on at the moment when at the front or elsewhere an important task had to be solved. The conveyor belt of death worked rhythmically, generating impulses of fear energy.

These vibrations were controlled by a special group of people (the priests of the cult), directing energy in a certain direction, manipulating mass and individual consciousness to achieve the main goal – gaining power over the world.

The battlefield shifted from the physical to the energetic plane. The advantage of such warfare is that people do not understand what is happening to them, becoming a steerable component within the global process. Gradually, white became black and black became white for them. There was a substitution of fundamental concepts and values.

The place in Egypt where the negative energies of fear were actively used is Abu-Ghorab – the temple of the sun god Ra. The ritual sacrifices carried out in the temple are a vivid example of the substitution of concepts, where Ra was morphed by the priests from the Creator of the Universe and all living beings, into a god, whom could be reached only with the help of energy released by a human being just prior to and at the time of his/her death.


Abu-Ghorab, reconstruction

In order to achieve maximum effect, in the construction phase of the temple for the manufacture of the altar and the bowls for the sacrificial blood, a special mineral (alabaster) was used, capable of accumulating and amplifying the energy impulse.


Alabaster sacrificial altar


Alabaster bowls


Alabaster blood collection bowls

At a certain point in time, the accumulated energy was directed upward through a stele (vertical waveguide) in order to break through the energy membrane separating the first and second (the astral) energy shells of the Earth.


Abu-Ghorab, reconstruction

As a result, entities of the astral world (the energy plane of Seth) came into contact with the priests, to communicate with whom since ancient times the instruction texts left by the “Shemsu-Heru”, followers of Horus, devoted to the growth of wisdom, have explicitly warned about. But for the sake of power, the priests made a deal with the entity Seth (Sat-Ana), for the realization of personal interests. In this regard, an important warning ought to be made!

All those visiting Abu-Ghorab are advised to not stay at the temple for more than 10-15 minutes. By no means meditate here. To stay there longer, the more so when meditating, your energy system will inevitably become contaminated with negative vibrations in the form of energy imprints of the sacrifices, left in the energy field of this place.

The same awaits you when visiting the Maya and Aztec pyramids.


Abu-Ghorab, altar

As a result of contamination with negative energies a chain of interdependent processes is launched leading to grave consequences in the spiritual and ethical sphere of the person. It is possible to correct a process that has started, albeit very difficult.

Shortly after contamination, depending on the circumstances, negative events will start occurring in the life of that person. This can affect personal life, relationships, business, perception of the world and people, personal health as well as the health and welfare of loved ones.

Unfortunately, a contamination can negatively affect not only the events of this, but also of the next life. The person will encounter a large number of inexplicable difficulties without understanding the causes hereof. Although all that is happening is a consequence of the contamination, the effect of the workings of the “law of karma” and changes in the energy system and psycho-emotional sphere.

Therefore, it is important to determine a source of energy contamination in time so as not to enter into resonance with its vibrations.

It is noteworthy that those at risk are mostly the ones who are on spiritual quest. As a rule, these are open-minded, enthusiastic people seeking knowledge. This the reason why work on negative energies is used in literature, starting with children’s horror stories, and ending with large literary forms, reading which, people inevitably become part of the plot, tuning in to a particular wave.

Nowadays, acts of sacrifice have moved into the media space. To attract a wider audience, television and the Internet are used, because in one form or another every person has a tv screen at hand…

People are not even asked if they want to participate these “acts” or not. The audience is being involved by special TV projects, the plot of which is built on outright fraud, lies and provocations. All ethical norms are violated.

Watch this:

was inserted into the vice – the typical sign – the Egyptian five-pointed star in the cartouche is clearly visible on the end of the wand!
Everything shown on the screen should cause a surge of indignation in any person. The viewers should experience “flash” of negative vibrations.

While filming, I was talking about varieties of the Wands of Horus and their special role in the spiritual development of the priests and pharaohs. Separately, I touched upon the topic of the technology of developing supernormal abilities with the help of the “Wands of Horus: with meteoritic iron“. Also, I was talking about wands with 6-faced mono crystals inside and of the wands with 12-sided crystals inside.

When the program came out on the screens, it became clear that impulse of emission of negative energies was provoked by ordinary forgery.

To check the contents of the Wands of Horus with meteoric iron and 12-sided crystals, which were discussed during the interview, the wand with fine-grained quartz – was inserted into the vice – the typical sign – the Egyptian five-pointed star in the cartouche is clearly visible on the end of the wand!

But this is a blatant lie and a forgery, you will say and you will be right…


This type of the Wands of Horus really has fine-grained quartz inside, which corresponds to the patent formula, but everything is addited and shown as if Valery Uvarov is a liar, who shamelessly deceives all trusting humanity!

People who saw the program did not know, and did not even suspect that their time, emotions would be used in the act of outright fraud! In fact, such a provocation is not just an attempt to defame a person, everything is much more serious…

The mechanism of energy processes in a person works as follows: as soon as a person experiences a strong negative emotion, his internal energy source begins to radiate energy, in the range of negative vibrations. Negative energy (vibration) has a specific quality which makes everything inside starts to vibrate.

Appearance of negative vibration and internal excitement signals that the person who experienced this vibration has got synchronized with it, becoming the carrier of this type energy, otherwise his inner world would not have moved. If he stirred, then the forgery worked, the nervous system began to vibrate, radiating negative energy into the surrounding space, affecting all people around, and all this will work for a certain length of time. The longer person will be in this state, the more this energy will capture his of her essence, rebuilding perception and inner world. Such person can be easily managed. This is how negative energies are working …

According to the plan, people who saw the video must get indignant. For the success of the provocation, it is necessary that as many people as possible watch the video becoming angry, mentally sending curses to Valery Uvarov. Then the whole mass and potential of the generated energy of anger and negativity will affect the entire audience and its surrounding space, imperceptibly engaging everyone in the process of repeated sacrifice, just as it was done during mass sacrifices on pyramids Maya and Aztec.

If you have got a natural question, who purposefully infected people with negative energy, then these people are very close to you.

They are Michael Eliseev (Wands of Ra, Maat foundation), Svetlana and Sergey Gorbunov (Egyptian rods), Vladimir Kovtun (Cylinders of the pharaoh).

Their intention is obvious – they produce fakes imitating the “Wands of Horus”, violating all human and ethical lows. The point is very unfair competition. Normal competition does not provide outright lies, reaching opened forgery and copyright infringement. As always, everything is simple – they need money and control over the way of thinking of future customers and no matter what is the price.

Well, Lucifer is with them … Let’s return to the topic for which all this material is written. For us, this is important primarily because the path that you and our entire civilization will go on will depend on it.

Let’s summarize the facts, draw conclusions and try to change at least our personal life for the better, trying to consciously avoid mistakes. Keep in mind that:

– during your tours you should not visit and, moreover, meditate where there were mass sacrifices or executions. It may cause you irreparable harm.

– after watching a movie in which there are a lot of murders and blood, there remains a heavy negative sediment inside. This is the way how a person becomes a carrier of negative vibrations …

– after talking with a negative person, there remains a feeling of energy exhaustion …

– after you have been deceived, faith in people and good is lost …

– everything that the evil touches carries the energy of evil …

– everything touched by Lucifer (Sat-en) bore his imprint, his energy, his vibrations.

A logical conclusion follows from the above, almost with mathematical precision: everything that people who are dishonest in their hands touch will carry their negative energy. All that they do will bear their imprint, their vibrations, imperceptibly infecting you and people around you with negative energy. These are simple and obvious truths …

The “product” such as the Wands of Ra, Egyptian rods or Cylinders of the Pharaoh are good for Satanists living on the same vibrations.

Do you need their energy, synchronization with their vibrations, thoughts and their motivation – decide for yourself…


Those seeking knowledge are well aware of the existence of so-called energy bodies or shells that according to Eastern tradition make up the human energy system: from the subtle, the astral, mental, all the way to the seventh energy body.

However, evidence exists that the ancient priests knew of the existence of several more energy bodies or shells, about which modern esoteric and other schools do not say anything. The last of these, as yet to man unknown energy bodies, is the energy shell, through which each one of us has a direct “contact” with Him whom we call God or Source of All: all knowledge and all energy. Through this shell, the human being is connected with the world around, being part of the Great Creative Principle. By this shell, man himself becomes a source of energy.

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