Programmed - I am programmed right?




I am programmed right?
They are trying to extinguish my light

I live in my own little bubble
little do I know I am in so much trouble

I think I have an individual reality
My collective freedom is the real causality

My individuality is whats at stake
My human experience is what they want to take

Expertly programmed me they did
From the time I entered they chained me to their grid

A false perception of reality they have sold
My free will is what they had stole

Once they had me on my knees
My master who I had loved to please

A slave who once was a sheep
Lost his suit and grew some teeth

No longer the masters beloved pet
I will not be a slave to his fake debt

I am who I am
They will not slaughter me like a helpless lamb

Stand for what is right
I am a wanderer bearing light

My awakening now I realize
Stands for justice which i must finalize

I am the whole become the one
My energy shines brighter than all the suns




Independent Researcher.