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Drawing of the Sakwala Chakraya –  the Star Gate of Sri Lanka Source:


There is an amazing and unexplained artifact of an ancient civilization of Sri Lanka carved on the rock in Ranmasu Uyana (Goldfish Park), which is located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. This artifact is called Sakwala Chakraya, also known as The Star Gate of Sri Lanka.

It is sandwiched between the Tissa Wewa reservoir and the Isurumuniya Rock Temple.  All of them are forming the pleasure garden of the ancient Sri Lanka royals, full of secrets still unexplained by modern knowledge. It is possibly one of the most hidden mysteries of Human civilization.
The goal of this article is attempt to solve a riddle of Sakwala Chakraya.
Sakwala Chakraya appears to be a carving on the surface of a granite rock as some kind of a “weird circular diagram”. It’s cut shallowly on the steeply projecting rock face and looks like a great chakra, or circle 6 ft in diameter. On it there are rectangular divisions that contain figures  (mostly small circles with cross inside), the whole girt, as a tyred wheel, by a band on which is displayed variant piscine and crustacean life swimming in a circle from right to left.
Sakwala Chakraya (Star Gates) is located just beyond the northern confines of Isurumuniya Rock Temple, at the very foot of the embankment of the Tissa Wewa tank, this place is also known as RANMASU UYANA, which means the garden of golden fishes. There are lots of ponds like in Sigiriya.
 sc_site04                      sakwala_anuradhapura
The first and a very good one scientific description of this you can find in the “Archaeological Survey of Ceylon North-Central and Central Provinces, Annual Report“, written in 1901 by H. C. P. Bell C.C.S., Archaeological Commissioner. Here is a link to PDF.
Meaning of the name.
For a start, let’s investigate a meaning of a phrase “Sakwala Chakraya”. 
  • This is a bana or “word” uttered by Gautama Buddha in his oral instructions. Sakwala is a mundane, or rather a solar system, of which there is an infinite number in the universe, and which denotes that space to which the light of every sun extends. Each Sakwala contains earth, hells and heavens (meaning good and bad spheres, our earth being considered as hell, in Occultism); attains its prime, then falls into decay and is finally destroyed at regularly recurring periods, in virtue of one immutable law.
  • Direct Sinhala meaning of Sakwala is Universe, or Galaxy.
  • It is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or disc.
  • Also Chakraya means disc, or rotating circle on Sinhala.
  • From Buddhist point of view this is a structure of Universe or rotation cycle of life forms.
So, the meaning of phrase “Sakwala Chakraya” might be “The rotating cycle of (life in) the Universe”.
But please don’t forget that we have no idea about when and by whom this phrase was originated from the very outset. May be, in ancient times it had another Name. It is because some things in Anuradhapura ancient city may be much older than Buddhism itself…

An interesting observation: One of my Lankan friends said: “Archaeologists didn’t mention about dates of Sakwala Chakraya and Ranmasu Yana (where are a lot of magnificent granite ponds like in Sigiriya) origin… Because it’s a puzzle to the archaeologists in Sri Lanka. Even NASA people had observed them in early 90’s including Sigiriya. So they also keep their eyes on these two places.”

My comment: And it’s not possible to measure the carbon dates, because this method could be used only for organic materials (materials of biological origin).
Let’s look at this riddle from the different angle, trying to understand it in the other way, different from officially accepted versions and theories.
Investigation of current versions of purpose.
There are some versions what the Sakwala Chakraya actually is:
1. According to the official version, described in the above-mentioned “…Annual Report”, Sakwala Chakraya is an ancient “map of the world” – perhaps the oldest in existence. The concentric circles with their interspaces at the centre of the chakra can assuredly mean only the Sakwala, in the centre of which rises Maha Meru or Sri Yantra (“sacred instrument”), surrounded by the seven seas (Siddhanta) and walls of rock (Yugandhara) which shut in that fabulous mountain, 1,680,000 miles in height, half below, half above, the ocean’s surface. Sun and moon (in the second strips) lie on either side of the Sakwala: round about in space are scattered innumerable other worlds represented by quadrisected circles. Below and around is the “world of waters” (i.e., the circular band) in which swarm gigantic uncouth denizens-fish, turtle, crab, and other marine fauna.
From the other hand, it is also the way Tantric Buddhist monks perceived the world. So, Sakwala Chakraya could be used for Buddhist meditation.
Four Buddhist monks are meditating in front of Sakwala Chakraya, sitting on stone sits ..
So, can Sakwala Chakraya originally be a “map of the world” as it was presumed by Hinduism or Buddhism? I think it is hardly possible.

I have some arguments based on many facts for that:

1.1. Sakwala Chakraya is completely different from Sri Chakra with Maha Meru, as you can see with your own eyes:
Sri Chakra (“sacred wheel”) or Mahameru 3D model of Sri Chakra  – Sri Yantra (“sacred instrument”). The two dimensional Sri Chakra, when it is projected into three dimensions is called a Maha Meru.
So, as you can see, Sakwala Chakraya represented differently – with neatly drawn rectangular areas, in some way logically symmetrical by horizontal line. Image consists of standardized elements – two sets of seven concentric circles with dots (cups) in center, rectangular areas similar to each other and circles with cross inside. Rectangular areas are drawn by orthogonally curved straight lines. Central set of circles is exactly in two times bigger in diameter than upper set of circles. There are only some of elements look strange, but we will talk about it later.
Sri Chakra is drawn by inserted in circles triangles of different sizes, in turn inserted into each other with some displacement from the mutual center of symmetry:
By the way, here is a very interesting article about How to Draw the Sri Chakra Yantra.
If we are looking for similarity, we can find it here with a high probability:
The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David, generally recognized as a symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism. But it was not a symbol of Judaism in ancient times. Initially it is an ancient Hindu symbol, called Anahata Chakra, Heart Chakra of love. 
There is really something to think about…
1.2. Mark of a cross inside a circle (which we see many on Sakwala Chakraya) has some similarity with so-called Sun Cross or “wheel cross”  which is frequently found in the symbolism of prehistoric cultures, particularly during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods (presumably 7000 BC–3000 BC). It could not have any direct connections with Buddhism or Hinduism.
There are a lot of these symbols carved on the stone roofs of the Dolmens of North Caucasus.
These terms “sun cross” and “wheel cross” are modern and hint at speculative interpretations in the context of prehistoric religion. The actual significance of these symbols in the prehistoric period is not known.

An interesting detail: it is also an astrological symbol of the Planet Earth.

So, it is obvious that originally Sakwala Chakraya didn’t represent any religious aspects and couldn’t be used as an artifact of any known to us religions.

 1.3. There are no other known images similar to Sakwala Chakraya in Hindu or Buddhist culture.
1.4. There are no other known ancient images similar to Sakwala Chakraya in the World at all, except of some masterpieces of prehistoric art. We will speak about it later.
2.At later stages the historians have interpreted Sakwala Chakraya as descriptions of animal evolution, from the point of view of an ancient people.
 Assumption: it cannot be description of evolution, because of following facts:
 2.1. There are inhabitants of a sea only represented on the outer circle of Sakwala Chakraya. There are no inhabitants of terrestrial ecosystem. No human kind.
 2.2. There are some unknown creatures are shown among sea inhabitants. One of them might be recognized as a mermaid.  Some of them could hardly be recognized at all.
Conclusion: Sea creatures were placed on the image in purpose to show that it had destination concerned with the sea (ocean) scope. What kind of destination we will examine later.
An interesting detail: In Hindu Mahabharata epic god Indra gives a powerful weapon to Arjuna, with task to destroy a race of Nivata kavachas – mighty creatures living deep under the oceans. Nivata Kavachas are glorious and legendary beings extremely powerful in magic, in spite of their evil to human beings. Even the Devas under Indra command cannot overcome them.
In the Ramayana, Nivata Kavachas strike an alliance with Ravana, after Ravana is unable to defeat them.
Finally Nivata Kavachas were defeated and destroyed by Arjuna. The Nivata Kavachas magic mermaids sank into oblivion and become legends and myths…
3.This is a floor plan of Anuradhapura, or Sigiriya (a rock garden found close to Anuradhapura), or Sri Lanka.
 I would say that this is a very logical version. I would tell more, that it might be a floor plan of some part of the land surrounded by water – for example, Island of Sri Lanka, or even complex of something, scattered all around the Globe.
 Thus, Ivan Sanderson mapped twelve areas on the Earth with abnormal electromagnetic aberrations shown by the map above, which reminds in some way shown on Sakwala Chakraya circles with cross inside.
4.The most incredible version says that Sakwala Chakraya is a reference designation of real Star Gates (teleport), which was placed in Anuradhapura and used by extraterrestrials for visiting Earth. So, this carving may contain a secret key to space travelling via portal with using some kind of teleportation technology.
Comment: it is very fantastic version and we cannot take it seriously into consideration, but I would not totally refuse it from the start until the opposite is not proved. Different versions might not always have a mutual exclusion…
The discovery of the Sri Lanka Stargate marking had created waves amidst archeologists and prehistoric investigators, some drawing parallels between the Stargate charts found in Abu Ghurab in Egypt and “The gateway to the gods” in Peru. The bizarre coincidence of all the three marks been found in the vicinity of a water way, with sophisticated engineering methods, had given rise to various theories.

La Puerta de Hayu Marka or The Gateway to The God in Peru close to Lake  Titicaca.

 A huge mysterious door-like structure has recently been discovered in September 1996 in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Placed in 35 kilometers from the city of Puno it has long been revered by local indians as the “City of the Gods”, and has never been fully explored because of the rugged mountain terrain.
About 20 minutes drive from the Great Pyramid, and visible from the Giza Plateau on clear day, is one of Egypt’s greatest treasures from antiquity, and one of the most extraordinary places on our planet.
Abu Ghurab, or “the crow’s nest” as it is called, is a closed to the public archaeological site in the pyramid fields that run alongside the Nile south of Cairo.
Egyptologists quaintly refer to it as a “sun temple”, a “burial center” or “funerary complex” for a new cult of Ra (they usually use these terms when the actual function of a place is unclear).  You can read an interesting article about it here.
 The most favorite is the claim that these Stargates were used by extraterrestrials that were gold mining in Earth. Their theory is built up on the fact that in 2400 BC the Stargate in Abu Ghurab Egypt was surrounded by water while “La Puerta de Hayu Marka” Or “The Gateway to The Gods” in Peru too is built closer Lake Titicaca, with underground water tunnels and chambers beneath the pyramids, so does Sakwala Chakraya on the shore of Tissa Wewa water tank in Anuradhapura.
The advocates of the “processing gold from the waters of Earth” theory believes that these water channels, chambers, reservoirs and filters found near each Stargate to have been a part of a sophisticated mechanism developed by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago.
If the theory is held to be true, Ranmasu Uyana had once been a “gold processing center of extraterrestrials”, which arrived on earth through Stargates. Yet archeologists are eager to discard these theories as pure imagination.
Conclusion: So, until there are no proven evidences for Stargate theory, we will not take it into consideration.
5.Some people believe that it’s a secret message from aliens or gods. As for the described above Stargate theory I would not take it into consideration until we have proven evidences of this. In the same time, there is something to think about.
Theory of Ancient Aliens, related to the location of Sakwala Chakraya (to be exact the ancient Anuradhapura city), has a place in modern scientific society.
 Thus, according to discovery made in 1996 by researcher and historian Mihindukulasuriya Susantha Fernando, there exists a perfect alignment of the three main stupas – Mirisavatiya, Ruwanweli (Ruwanwelisaya) and Jetavana (Jetavanaramaya) at Anuradhapura, with three stars in the constellation of Orion, namely Rigel, Alnitak and Bellatrix.

The Orion constellation with the labels of the major stars.

 That means that the three sides of the triangle in the ground layout of the three stupas, built between 161 B.C. and A.D. 331, are correlated precisely with the three sides of the triangle of three stars on the right-hand wing of the constellation of Orion. It is a kind of heaven-ground duplicity.
Fernando’s discovery was described in his 1997 book “Alien Mysteries in Sri Lanka and Egypt”.
It was also proven in book “Heaven’s Mirror”, researched and written by two British scholars, Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia , which was published in 1998 by the Penguin Group in London.  Here you can read a short brief of this on Official Website of the Sunday Times Newspaper in Sri Lanka.
6.Here is my own version of what the Sakwala Chakraya actually is. As an engineer, I would rather say that Sakwala Chakraya is some kind of working drawing – most likely floor plan or (and) technical scheme of something with technical purpose without any doubts, because of standardized elements and graphic principles of its drawings. Here we can see some examples of this similarity:

Drawing of The Phillips Exeter Academy Library in Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S

Floor plan of the NE corner of the Parthenon , In other words, it is more likely a floor plan or scheme (drawing) of some kind of device or hardware complex. Device or complex itself could be by the size of a town, or by the size of an Island. Why not? Also I’d say, that similarity of some elements of the complex tells us about the fact, that complex itself is composed of similar hardware parts.

After all I would say that different versions (theories) not necessarily have mutual exclusion to one another, they could be mutually complementary.

So, let’s investigate my own version of this possible use, looking at this from the top of modern knowledge and technologies. Even if this not let us to solve a riddle, we would be able to move closer to it.

 Technical analyze of Sakwala Chakraya. 

First of all I draw your attention to the strict similarities between symbols of Sakwala Chakraya, Great Pyramid and reference designation of radio components related to oscillatory processes and radio communication.

Here I consider necessary to make some digression and familiarize you with latest investigations in the field of ancient acoustic technologies related to infrasound use.

Recently in Russia and Ukraine started a quite new researching project, accomplishing by group of enthusiasts under the direction of radio engineer Vladimir Yashkardin – open research project SCIROCCO.

 The goal of this project is description of real purpose of building pyramids by ancient civilizations and functioning of pyramids and thousands of different mysterious megalithic objects from the point of view of Wave Theory and theoretical foundations of Radio Engineering (TRE).
By my opinion, it is the most logical, consecutive and comprehensive theory for the present time: Project SCIROCCO. Infrasound vibroacoustic broadcasting interface (on English). 
Short version of the article is here: What for the pyramids were built? How the pyramids work? Here is explained (in short) true purpose of the Egyptian and other pyramids.
I strongly recommend reading it very carefully in spite of some possible difficulties with understanding.
In short, pyramids of Giza Plateau are very powerful vibroacoustic infrasound oscillators/transmitters.The main purpose of these structures is the information broadcast over land and water over long distances, may be around the whole Globe. Pyramid of Cheops could generate 7 different frequencies: 9.2-10.3-10.9-12.25-13.75-15.4-16.35 Hz (recall seven concentric circles on Sakwala Chakraya) and ensure transmission of audio and video information.
First of all I want to express my thanks to my friends from Sri Lanka, who inspired me to write this article and provided me with really unique ideas and materials:
– Chanaka Dev Chathuranga Hettiarachchi;
– Tharaka Chathuranga;
– Rishan Dileepa;
– Dilantha Maneth Perera;
– Sooriya Bandara (Sun™).

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