Sukuh Temple / Egyptian papyrus


In the image above it depicts a cosmic deity holding two rods that I believe was the device used to open a cosmic ‘serpent’ wormhole conduit. Its the identical device seen on a Sumerian scroll seal found by Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb (that will soon have its own page due to whats on it). I believe this depiction here at the Sukuh Temple site is a dual teaching relief carving. I believe it is both a round portal opening view and sight of three suns all placed on top of Each other. The other dual depiction is of a crescent world the deity stands upon as his place of origin from a world bathed in crescent light from one of these sun systems and it is the perfect symbol also for a celestial ship. Furthermore he wears three orbs around his neck and wears a three tiered crown, one known quite well in the Vatican .

There is an Egyptian papyrus that shows the identical theme to this where an Egyptian deity steps out of the circle from the heavens with sun behind him .

A background story of the history and believed tradition of the site with stunning images here.

The first amazing realization was that this site was the place of the teaching of ‘heavenly communion’: Depicting a place in the heavens where the ‘gods’… personified celestial figures created life. This leads on to a teaching that all humanity are their descendants. Would I find a match to the tradition of Egypt and ancient Europe with the teaching of the womb of the Cosmic ‘Goddess’ being impregnated to create Sun stars where human life began?

Yes I would. With the iconology I had hoped to find, I counted on a chance there would be some sort of sculpture to show the moment of Creation. The sacred feminine Egyptian Nut Genesis theme where all life of all humanity being created by these personified characters would be shown in a single teaching mechanism using a gold chalice. Something that I insist appears to be a global teaching by those that came from above. But there were a few more breakthroughs that would unfold that would lead me to the find of all finds. I thought I had seen everything that was here at this site and set off following leads to another nearby site. One that I heard had what I was looking for, the depiction of when heaven and Earth were created with the Sacred feminine.


There is another nearby and less known site to explore in the Java area on the side of Mt Lawu. Its the beautiful Candi Cetho Temple.

It has elaborate gateway decorations facing east with beautiful pointed tapered tops (see below). This facing east alignment inspired me to look along the east aligned path leading to the temple.

There it was as clear as day and well preserved on the ground in the open area. Was this going to be my proof of the Holy Grail? Not quite as it was not too clear as representing the womb of the sacred feminine.

But still it had massive confirmation of the male anatomy adorned with three orbs to celebrate it was a cosmic phallus of Orion.

Then I realized something quite special here. There is a disc emerging from the Chalice part of the Grail depiction with a seven pointed star and a round orb to represent planet. The ritual I was sure where it is celebrated as the birthing of the most important Sun from the Chalice womb. Listed as Sol 1 in the star map that is depicted all over the world with seven rays of light, like on the Liberty Statue and on the Freemason First Degree tracing board.

Above the disc was something new and unexpected. Another global case for the winged disc teaching of a celestial ship that flies just like in Egypt and Sumer!

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    Thank you I have a link at the bottom of the page if you are interested in seeing more on this subject Wayne Herschel is a wonderful Author here the link

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    this is absolutely magnificent, ty for sharing this.

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